Walk and Talk Consultation

Suggestions to maximize your home's selling potential.

During the 90 minutes consultation, a professional stager walks with the homeowner to discuss opportunities to best showcase their home to potential buyers.  This is a verbal consultation; homeowners are encouraged to take detailed notes.  The consultation concludes with an action plan and a prioritized to do list. We will discuss topics which include organizing tips, accessories, things to keep, things to pack, and furniture placement.


We strongly recommend completing the to do list prior to listing the home on the real estate market. By following these procedures, you receive the best possibilities of return.  This option is most popular for those Do It Yourself sellers (DIY),and homes that are almost ready, but can use a little expertise touch.


We provide homeowners with recommendations for vendors to get the home SOLD.

  • Painting

  • Curb appeal

  • Cleaning

  • Carpet


Consultation Fee: Starts at $250 and is based on the size of home, number of rooms to be staged and scope of labor.  I encourage you to review our FAQ's for more specific information.